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    Sunday, 11 May 2014 09:04

    NBFF - Closing Night II

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    As part of our ongoing school outreach program, we asked two outstanding Corona Del Mar High School students to attend the closing night of the wonderful Newport Beach Film Festival and report back on their experiences.  This is the first of two reports by Pauline and Derek.  Pauline reports here.  (editor)
    Chef, a fun and mouthwatering film directed and starred by Jon Favreau is in every sense of the word, a feel-good movie. 
    I had the absolute pleasure of viewing this film at the Newport Beach Film Festival on its closing night this year and was able to see Jon Favreau himself introduce the film to the audience. I had high expectations and the film delivered.   
    The event itself was a wonderful experience. The theater was packed and you had to arrive very early if you wanted good seats. The Lido theater, which was the venue for the evening, was 
    stunning in its quaint and historic feel. The theater even featured balcony seating.  
    The after party commenced as the film ended and featured a great sampling of food from the sponsors and food trucks which was only fitting as we had just viewed a very tasty film. The atmosphere was lively with a live DJ and lights strewn about the plaza surrounding the theater.  
    But onto the movie itself. 
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